a king of solemn emptiness

bekha. lost and hurting.
words can break your mind, and that's probably just as bad as your bones
so hey, hi, if you're looking for bekha, she's not here. well, obviously, but she's not here. some things happened. bad things. things from her past that she'd rather forget, things that selfish people who wouldn't leave her alone to heal, wouldn't listen to her, and hurt her; cut her so deep the wounds are still fresh, wouldn't stop. she's around, somewhere, it's just probably hard to find her a little.

if you honestly want to see or talk to bekha, hit ann up, or try this on this blog. do so off anon; give reasons why you want to see her. don't just ask for it; ann's very protective and if you're suspicious she won't give bekha's new url to you. (if you were following bekha as nicktomlinsaw/ghostdimple you're probably still following her.)
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